Backup Wrenches


One of the most common injuries in industrial bolting is finger pinching with the reaction arm or the backup wrench. The HYTORC Hydraulic Backup Wrench reduces the risk of injury by providing a hands-free solution to stop the counter-nut from turning.

The HYTORC Magnetic Backup Wrench provides a simple and convenient solution for constraining the back nut in a wide range of bolting applications. This rugged steel wrench is available in a full range of metric and imperial sizes, all with a corrosion-resistant finish. The backup wrench features high strength magnets to allow it to be securely mounted steel applications. The eye bolt is quick to adjust during setup and removal; allowing users to move from bolt to bolt with ease.

Range of Sizes

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The high strength steel backup wrench is suited for heavy duty industrial bolting applications. The Backup Wrench comes in a range of sizes with 12-point cutouts so that it can be matched to the specific bolting job.

Magnetic Locks

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The Backup Wrench is equipped with two high strength magnets embedded into the side of the unit. These magnets allow the wrench to be quickly installed and held in place against the side of a steel application.

Adjustable Arm

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The Backup Wrench is provided with an adjustable arm that simplifies installation in a variety of configurations. The eyebolt on the arm may be adjusted to quickly to lock the wrench in place or to unlock following the bolting operation. Add a lanyard to the eye-bolt to prevent drop hazards.

Quick Release

  • The fastest and easiest way to stop counter-nut rotation while bolting
  • Simple lock-on and quick-release increases productivity and safety
  • Quick-release eliminates dangerous, time-consuming hammer usage
  • Complete sets available to cover all heavy hex sizes

What is a backup wrench?

During tool operation, a backup wrench gets placed on a passive, non-torquing nut. A backup wrench will prevent the rotation of the passive nut when the active nut is tightening. There is no need to hold the HYTORC magnetic backup wrench during tightening, which improves the safety and speed of your bolting job.


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