Tool Trade-In

Don't let old tools slow you down. Enhance your bolting operations now.

Upgrade your results, not just your equipment.

In the fast-evolving world of industrial maintenance, relying on outdated bolting tools not only hampers your project's efficiency but also exposes your team to unnecessary risks. Each bolt tightened with obsolete equipment is a missed opportunity for enhancing safety, speed, and accuracy. Don't let yesterday's technology dictate tomorrow's success. Your projects deserve the best - they deserve precision, innovation, and reliability at every turn.

The LION GUN X Electric Torque Tool from the rear, showing the digital display for easy torque adjustment during operation

Don't wait...

Don't wait until an accident happens or a deadline is missed due to the failings of outdated and inefficient equipment. The cost of using old tools extends beyond repairs and maintenance; it includes the price of compromised safety, diminished productivity, and lost opportunities. HYTORC is making it easier than ever to upgrade your industrial bolting tools with our Tool Trade-In Program. We accept all makes and models, including competitor brands, offering up to 30% credit towards cutting-edge HYTORC tools and pumps. Experience the difference with HYTORC's innovative technology designed to increase safety, speed, and accuracy for your next job.

Two people exchanging an old, worn-down tool for a shiny new MXT+ Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Out with the old, in with the new!

A collection of HYTORC tools, including the VECTOR pump, MXT+, LITHIUM Series II, LION Gun, and HYTORC Nut

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