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The XLCT is the world’s best-selling limited clearance industrial bolting system with over one hundred thousand in use around the world. Since 1992, the signature red housing has represented quality, durability and reliability on job sites in every major industry. From the tallest roller coasters to the world’s largest bridges, the XLCT has the power to get the job done.
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Like the MXT, the XLCT features a lock-up release lever that allows you to release pressure after torqueing for easy removal. (also found on Stealth limited-clearance series)
hydraulic pipe wrench
hydraulic pipe wrench


The XLCT series features a Zero-Slip ratchet for more powerful breakout and faster tightening. The secondary pawl inside the tool prevents the ratchet from turning opposite of the direction it is being driven.
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The XLCT series is available with interchangeable cartridges for 6-point hex, 12-point hex, allen drives, square drives, open spanners and many other configurations to simplify the most challenging bolting jobs.
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    TOOL MODEL Height (H) Width (W) Length (L) Radius (R) Weight Torque Range
    XLCT-2 4.02" 1.26" 7.33" 1.03" to 1.7" 2.05 Lbs. 243 - 1,687 ft-lbs
    XLCT-4 5.36" 1.68" 10.19" 1.33" to 2.3" 4.25 Lbs. 580 - 3,855 ft-lbs
    XLCT-8 6.70" 2.08" 12.29" 1.77" to 2.8" 7.15 Lbs. 1,143 - 8,151 ft-lbs
    XLCT-14 8.04" 2.50" 14.14" 2.32" to 3.4" 11.30 Lbs. 2,010 - 13,400 ft-lbs
    XLCT-18 9.08" 2.82" 14.41" 2.62" to 3.8" 14.85 Lbs. 2,790 - 19,100 ft-lbs
    XLCT-30 10.71" 3.33" 16.82" 3.07" to 4.80" 23.8 Lbs. 4,579 - 30,986 ft-lbs
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    Prior to testing hydraulic torque wrenches. A visual inspection should be done. The visual inspection should include.
    1. Cracked, bent, or damaged couplers.
    2. Swivel Assembly
      • Cracked swivel block
      • Loose swivel assembly
      • Swivel post retaining ring is attached
    3. Loose end cap
    4. Cracked or damaged housing
    When testing hydraulic torque wrenches. Make sure the pump functions correctly, and is set to 10,000 PSI before the tool is connected. Connect the tool to the hose, and test the tool using the pump remote. ADVANCE and RETRACT the tool several times. Make sure the tool functions properly and the pump pressure builds 10,000 PSI / 700 BAR in the ADVANCE position.
    Tool does not ADVANCE or RETRACT. Check the following.
    1. Couplers are loose or damaged.
      • Tighten and/or replace couplers.
    2. Ratchet
      • Replace ratchet if the teeth are stripped, missing or damaged.
    3. Drive pawl Assembly
      • Check drive pawl springs for damage.
      • Inspect drive pawl for damage.
    Tool does not build 10,000 PSI in the ADVANCE position, and there are no external leaks. The tool has an internal leak. Internal leaks are located in two areas, the swivel assembly and the cylinder.
    1. Swivel Assembly - Tool will not build over 2000 PSI
      • Replace damaged swivel seals.
      • Inspect swivel post for wear and/or damage.
      • Inspect swivel block for damage.
    2. Cylinder - Tool will not build over 6000 to 7000 PSI
      • Check the piston and cylinder O-ring for wear and/or damage.
      • Inspect the piston assembly for wear and /or damage.
      • Inspect cylinder wall for excessive wear.
    Tool has an external leak.
    1. Swivel Assembly
      • Bent or broken couplers.
      • Worn and/or damaged seals.
      • Cracked or damaged swivel block.
      • Damaged swivel post.
    2. Cylinder
      • Worn and/or damaged seals.
      • Loose end cap.
      • Worn and /or damaged piston assembly.
      • Damaged housing assembly.
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Reaction Pad Reaction Pad for all sizes of low clearance tools
Alco Arm Alco Reaction Arm for Low Clearance Hydraulic Tools
Spanners AB Open and 12 point spanners.
Hex Reducers and Socket Adaptors Square and hex adapters - ½" to 3½" standard and custom made.
Direct Drive Sockets HYTORC sockets for the low clearance XLCT