HYTORC is Here and Ready to Help

In good or bad times our HYTORC Standard is designed to continue providing you with Superior Technology, Quality and Customer Support. Contact Your Local Sales Rep

Eric Junkers, President of HYTORC

MAHWAH, N.J. (March 19, 2020) – During this difficult time, we understand your operation needs to continue but you may be shorthanded for a period of time. We want our customers to rest assured that we are here and ready to help. In good or bad times our HYTORC Standard is designed to continue providing you with Superior Technology, Quality and Customer Support. How can HYTORC help deliver superior support during the current crises? Here are just a few ways.

Pre-Positioned Tool Inventory Ready-to-Go

In response to the world-wide pandemic, HYTORC has strategically positioned our tools and equipment in over 100 countries. As the crisis moves around the world, we are prepared to shift our focus to the next hotspot, so we will have materials ready to go in those areas. This equipment is available to you when you need it, without worrying about delays regarding shipping or freight. By providing access to tools and equipment that offer the very latest bolting technology, we can help you be more efficient while you may be working with a reduced staff. With many product shelves running empty, you can take assurance that HYTORC maintains several months of inventory to buffer the difficult times such as these we now face.

Rental Program Gives You Flexibility

We have positioned our rental inventory all over the world and it is available for daily, weekly, monthly or longer terms. We are prepared to distribute to your site, no matter your location around the world. Our representatives stand ready to work with you to best determine the most cost-effective solution for your job. If you require only a handful of tools or full comprehensive kits, HYTORC can meet your immediate needs. As always, 100% of your rental spend may be applied as a credit toward a future purchase. Additionally, your HYTORC rental also entitles you to a free safety and operational training to ensure that your crew gets the most out of each rental. The HYTORC Rental program offers you the flexibility and efficiency you need in these uncertain times.

Flexible Financing Alleviates Pressure

We understand our customers are feeling financial pressure in this current environment and we want to do everything possible to alleviate that strain. To our loyal customers we can provide significant flexibility and extended terms. All of HYTORC’s customers will find our finance staff is being more creative than ever to ensure your business gets what they need. The finance team is available Monday – Friday to answer any questions, from any customer. Give them a call, and they will help you get the equipment you need, quickly

Mobile Service Pick-Ups Keeps Your Operation Running

HYTORC''s Mobile Van Services fleet is still rolling to keep your tools in proper working order and ensuring your operation stays up and running. That is right. We are still delivering our industry leading maintenance, calibration and repair service on site. We also understand that during these times you may limit visitors to your facility, so a reminder that our Mobile Services fleet can pick-up and/or deliver. Just call us and we can stop by and pick-up equipment that needs maintenance and return it to you often the same or next day. Our mobile service solution is designed to reduce downtime and assist with possible manpower issues by providing our technicians to take over repair and maintenance work. In these times with many safety and access restrictions, you can be confident that our technicians are trained to provide safe and sanitized solutions to protect the health and safety of themselves and your workforce.

Consulting and Virtual Site Surveys Providing Real Solutions

HYTORC has the foremost bolting specialists and largest representative network in the world and that includes locations in your region or territory. During normal times these individuals are conducting surveys at your sites, developing proposals and supporting customers with productivity enhancement. In times like these we are deploying the HYTORC Universe like never before. We are utilizing our advanced technology to position our experts for consulting and site surveys via teleconference or video conferencing when requested. No matter the times, we make sure our specialists are ready to do whatever it takes to solve our customer challenges. Give us a call to set up a video-conference for your next challenge so we can consult and/or provide a virtual site survey so that we can deliver the optimal solution.

Training to Strengthen your Knowledge Base

We understand you may be short-handed or shifting staff around and that presents an opportunity for continued education and training. Our world-class HYTORC Bolting Institute is on-call to train your staff via video teleconference. The training can be as simple as how to get started with a new tool or how to bring someone up to speed. We have stepped up our use of video teleconferencing to train one-on-one if necessary. Safety is more important than ever before and we can bring your staff up to speed on bolting safety and best practices at the next level while covering OSHA bolting guidelines and ASME bolting procedures. Also, watch for our webinars that will provide a constant stream of information and education for your staff who may be working on-site or at home. Call us with you immediate bolting training needs and be sure our team will help you.

24/7 General Support Available When You Need It

We want to give customers assurance that there will be no disruption to our 24/7 customer service support. With the HYTORC standard of service, you will talk to a live person who can usually answer your question, put equipment on order or put you in touch with technical support immediately. Our response time remains the best in the industry as we generally get back to inquiries, anywhere in the world within 15 minutes or less. We measure ourselves against our commitment to respond from anywhere in the world, even during these challenging times. Call, or visit our web site where you will be greeted with a live chat to immediately get started with the solution to your problem

HY-CARE Means We Care

We understand that right now you have enough to think about, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the durability of the products and tools you use. HYTORC can assure our customers that we stand behind our solutions with warranties that can be extended as much as 5-years. We are the only company that offers a “no-questions-asked” warranty. This warranty program called “HY-CARE” goes well beyond anything available in the industry. We realize that in this difficult and chaotic time your company cannot afford to receive astronomical and surprising service bills at the end of the year. Our HY-CARE program takes care of the unknowns and delivers you the peace of mind you need right now.

We understand that continuity of your operation is critical right now and remind you that HYTORC is here and ready to help. We recommend that you connect to all of HYTORC’s Social Media Platforms and access our vast video library. Contact us today and setup a live virtual consulting session or demonstration with your local HYTORC Bolting Specialist. Let us know how else we can help because during this difficult time, we are all in this together. Please stay safe know that HYTORC is here to help