HYTORC Rail Solutions

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There are a wide variety of bolting applications in the Railway Industry both on the track and on the train itself. At HYTORC, we have over 50 years worth of experience in bolting and have helped provide solutions across the rail industry.

Precise Torque

When it comes to the track, secure and lasting connection between lag bolts and railroad ties are key to ensuring long-term safety. Not only are HYTORC tools more accurate than impact wrenches, but tools such as the Lithium Series II Electric Torque Tool and the Vector Hydraulic pump allow for the user to measure and record the amount of torque applied.


Precise torque is also critical to ensure that vibration from passing trains does not cause tracks to separate. Other factors such as temperature and weather fluctuation can also affect how tight bolts stay over time. HYTORC tools can help to reduce this risk, lowering the possibility of derailment. HYTORC tools also offer reaction arm free bolting with the patented HYTORC washer, eliminating pinch points. HYTORC tools can also help reduce the risk of Non-accidental releases of chemicals by better securing valves.


HYTORC provides unparalleled product quality and customer support making sure that you’re project can be completed safely, on schedule, and to specification.

Other applications include:

  • Cylinder Cover
  • Connection Rod
  • Drive Gear
  • Wheel Bolts
  • Cylinder Bolts
  • Brake Stations (Tracks)
  • Field Pole Bolts
  • Flex Plate Bolts