The standard series of topside tensioners provide our customers with a quality, cost-efficient solution to their tensioning needs. Designed to fit most standard flanges, the standard series tensioners are compact and easy to handle.
hydraulic bolt tensioner

01. Strong, Dependable Tooling

Our standard topside tensioners are made from hardened AISI 4340 steel alloy for uncompromising strength and durability.
hydraulic stud tensioner

02. Wide Range of Sizing

HYTORC offers the standard series tensioner in standard sizes ranging from ¾” to 4” and metric sizes from M16 to M100.
hydraulic stud tensioner
hydraulic bolt tensioner

03. Customizable to Any Specification

Tensioner Specialists can work with you to customize our spring return tensioners to fit your needs.


With 50 years of experience dedicated to industrial bolting, we have solved almost every bolting challenge imaginable. Let our engineering team show you the possibilities.
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