Subsea Tensioners Pump

Hydraulic Tensioning Pump

In order to stand up to the tough offshore environments, HYTORC has taken our tried and true high flow pneumatic pump and reconstructed it with stainless steel components. Additionally, we have doubled the size of the reservoir to suit the demands of subsea tensioning.

Stainless Steel Construction

HYTORC HBT-1507-SS is manufactured from high quality materials. The stainless steel construction of our pump is designed to mitigate corrosion caused by the harshest offshore environments.

Fast Operation

Our subsea pump is based on our HBT-1507 air pump. It delivers maximum flow to reduce time on task and increase work efficiency.

High Capacity

The HBT-1507-SS pump comes equipped with a 15L tank. This high capacity gives the subsea pump the ability to run several large tools at once for additional time savings on large flanges.
tensioner hydraulic pump