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Bridge Construction and Maintenance

Every day, millions of commuters and travelers rely on bridges to get to their destination safely. This requires engineers, ironworkers, and manufacturers to build a structure that can withstand constant vibration, changes in weather, weight, and time. With over 50 years of experience in the bolting industry, HYTORC is the trusted provider of tools and hardware for bridge construction and maintenance around the world.


The safety of Ironworkers is a top priority at HYTORC. We have created innovative and patented bolting solutions such as the HYTORC Washer system to eliminate backup wrenches and the need for reaction arms. This helps increase hand safety on the job by eliminating pinch points. The HYTORC Lithium Series II Electric Torque Tool can be secured to workers with a lanyard, preventing dangerous drop hazards. Our tools are designed to operate with minimal vibration, which improves Hand-Arm Vibration Safety (HAVS).

Precise Torque

Precision torque is critical when building a structure with a long life expectancy. Ensuring that each bolt is tightened precisely will ensure that loads are distributed evenly across each bolt. Current snug and angle tightening can have a large margin of error as the definition of snug are different for each installer. With the HYTORC Lithium Series II Electric Torque Tool, the snug feature provides consistency while also providing precise torque and angle.

Bridge Maintenance and Repair

Older bridges often need the replacement of old rivets or bolted suspenders. HYTORC has tools that can adequately remove challenging bolts with years of decay and layers of paint. The Stealth Tool is designed to operate with low clearance as well as with protruding bolts that cannot be removed with a standard socket. Our engineering team can also create custom fixtures that can meet the demands of unique bolting configurations.

Metal Fabricators

Metal Fabricators often pre-fabricate splices and other bridge details. HYTORC hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Electric Torque Tools are a great way to improve safety, efficiency, and precision in the shop.

Temporary Work Structures

HYTORC can provide bolting solutions to create a safe temporary workspace on bridge construction. Bolting friction collars over a cement column is one example. Contact us to learn more about how temporary bolting solutions can help improve safety on your job.

Call us at 1-800-FOR-HYTORC for a free site survey so that a HYTORC bolting specialist can help provide solutions for your project.