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HYTORC offers various levels of training from free on-site and web-based training to OSHA-certified and ASME-approved bolting courses. Well trained tool operators are not only safer, but have also been proven to get the job done faster and more accurately than an untrained or poorly trained counterpart. Many companies are now requiring certain levels of training for tool operators before they are permitted to work on the job. Whether it’s a simple on-site training on safe and proper tool handling or a comprehensive classroom training, HYTORC is your partner for improving productivity.

HYTORC Bolting Institute

HYTORC has a goal to educate all those engaged in industrial bolting in the principles and practices that significantly improve safety, quality, and efficiency of bolting operations. We regularly conduct training classes that are designed for a variety of job functions ranging from operators and technicians to managers and engineers. Classes range from a few hours to a few days and can be customized to meet your schedule and specific application focus. In most cases we bring the class to you in order to make training as convenient and economical as possible. HBI offers free courses in Bolting Basics and Basic Operation and Safety and formal fee-based training with certificates from ASME* and OSHA*.

HYTORC Courses Offered


Duration2 hoursCourse Topics
Class SizeNo limitIntroduction to HYTORC and HBIPressurized joints
CertificateHBI Training CardBolt propertiesParallel joint closure
InstructorHYTORC Sales Rep. or HBI InstructorTightening w/ torquePower torque technology
LocationCustomer FacilityReaction forcesSafety
EquipmentHYTORC ToolsFriction & lubricationBolting demonstration
AudienceAudience Anyone interested in an overview of bolting principles, practice and technology


Duration2-4 hoursCourse Topics
Class Size5-10 at a time (typical)HYTORC provides product training for each new delivery of equipment. This BOSS course provides customers with an orientation on the new equipment and ensures that everyone who will use the equipment gets hands-on training under experienced supervision.
CertificateHBI Training Card
InstructorHYTORC Sales Rep. or HBI Instructor
LocationCustomer Facility
EquipmentHYTORC Tools
AudienceAudience Anyone interested in an overview of bolting principles, practice and technology

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