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Pneumatic Torque Gun

  • Digital Display
    • The world’s first pneumatic torque gun with a digital readout for instant confirmation of selected torque. Pressure-to-torque conversions and calculations are no-longer required.
  • Torque Adjustment
    • Torque adjustments can easily be done with a twist of the connector at the bottom of the handle, allowing for a fast transition between tightening to loosening.
  • Specialized Motor
    • The rugged corrosion-resistant motor featured in the jGun DIGITAL Single Speed tool is a workhorse designed for heavy industrial use.
  • FRL Free
    • The patented design eliminates the need for a separate filter, regulator, and lubrication system between the air hose and the tool for the highest level of portability and convenience.
  • Low Vibration
    • Unlike a pneumatic impact wrench, the jGun tool is able to deliver high torque values without exposing workers to hand-arm vibration injuries.

Simplified Operations

The easiest-to-use pneumatic torque tool in the industry, the jGun Digital pneumatic tool automatically converts pressure to torque and delivers it in an easy-to-read digital display.

Quiet Operation

The silencer allows for much quieter operation compared to an air impact wrench, reducing the risk of acoustic injuries.


An unmatched power-to-weight ratio helps reduce worker fatigue compared to heavier tools.

jGun Digital Accessories

Whip hose & Air Regulator
Alco Arm
Trackpad Fixture
Offset Link
Tool Hanger
Weather Cover


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