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industrial bolting technologies
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Electric Torque Wrench

  • Easy-to-Use
    • This Electric Torque Tool was designed with the user in mind – it has a lighter weight, is simpler to operate, and has a smaller profile than the premium LITHIUM SERIES II Electric Tool.  Simply set the torque and pull the trigger to meet your desired specifications.
  • Accuracy
    • HYTORC engineers have rigorously tested the Lion Gun X battery-powered torque gun, ensuring that it delivers the same precise and accurate bolting as you expect from all HYTORC tools.
  • 36V Battery
    • The compact, low-profile 36V battery makes the handling of this tool easier than past generations of electric torque tools.  Despite its smaller size, this battery delivers the same power and has the same battery life as its larger predecessors. 
  • Versatility
    • Whether you have a low-clearance bolt that requires the use of an offset link, or you’re looking to eliminate the dangers of a reaction arm with the use of the HYTORC Washer, the Lion Gun X tool is compatible with all HYTORC square drive accessories.
  • Powerful
    • With up to 3,000 ft.-lbs. (4067 Nm), the Lion Gun X tool is the 2nd most powerful battery-powered torque multiplier in the HYTORC product lineup.

Just Go Bolting!

With a more straightforward and easier to navigate menu, the LION GUN X Tool is simpler to use than other battery-powered torque tools. This makes it the perfect choice for basic bolting operations while providing the same accuracy and precision that you expect in a HYTORC product. Simply set the torque, pull the trigger, and let the tool do all the work.


The LION GUN X tool was designed as a simpler, more economical battery-powered tool compared to the more robust, and more powerful Lithium Series II Tool, making it a great value option for bolters of all levels.


This tool can deliver up to 3,000 ft.-lbs. (4067 Nm) of torque in a small, handheld, and portable frame, making this tool ideal for bolting at greater heights or in confined spaces. With a smaller battery and a lighter housing, this tool has an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.

LION GUN X Accessories

Track Pad Fixture
Offset Link
Reaction Arms


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