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Hydraulic Backup Wrenches
Manual Backup Wrenches

Backup Wrench Demonstration
Backup Wrench Demonstration Video

Place the Back-Up Wrench on the counter-nut, then tighten the nut with a torque wrench. When torqueing is complete, remove the Back-Up Wrench from the counter-nut. Removal of the Back-Up Wrench does not require the use of a hammer, making removal very easy and much safer than other methods. Speed of work will also increase significantly when compared to removal methods using a hammer and slogging wrench. Using our Back-Up Wrench also makes the torqueing process Hands-Free, eliminating possible pinch points.

Hytorc has two models:

Backup Wrenches Backup Wrenches
Hydraulic Back Up Wrench
Interchangeable spanners from 30mm to 80mm (max. 5,400 Nm)
Mechanical / Manual Back Up Wrench
Sizes of 36mm to 95mm (max. 9,500 Nm)


  • Counter-nut does not rotate with nut; easy and fast
  • Hands-free operation eliminates possible pinch points, increasing safety on the job
  • No hammer necessary for removal, increasing productivity and safety
  • Work faster, safer, and more efficiently than with other methods!
A - Drive Ref.: BWCY-3
M box includes drive and 10 links sizes
36 mm to 80 mm
S box includes drive and 10 links sizes
1 7/16" to 3 1/8"
Size Ref. Size Ref.
36mm BL-36mm 1 7/16" BL-107
41mm BL-41mm 1 5/8" BL-110
46mm BL-46mm 1 13/16" BL-113
50mm BL-50mm 2" BL-200
55mm BL-55mm 2 13/16" BL-203
60mm BL-60mm 2 3/8" BL-206
65mm BL-65mm 2 9/16" BL-209
70mm BL-70mm 2 3/4" BL-212
75mm BL-75mm 2 15/16" BL-215
80mm BL-80mm 3 1/8" BL-302